Target Your Messages Precisely with Customized Contact Lists

B2B Data Sourcing and List Build

We give you specific and customized contact lists to direct your message precisely at key decision makers in target companies. For details  on our contact lists and email lists follow the link below.

Ascentrik’s Solution

Web Research

Email Validate

Phone Research

Data Standardize

CRM Services

B2B Email Lists

Maintain A Healthy CRM

Data Cleansing, Validation, Enrichment

If your existing database has incorrect and out-of-date information, our skilled personnel handle the laborious task of validating and updating your databases by researching target companies & verifying contact information.

We manage all the existing data on the client‟s CRM and channelize it to relevant departments. We also conduct company name standardisation on your CRM, where we standardise a group of company names to one unique name to enable the research team to source a variety of contacts from various specialties.

Identify key Contacts by Tracking Competitors Conferences

Delegate Sourcing for Conferences

We source and identify key contacts. Rather than traditional contact research projects, Ascentrik identifies the entire potential sources and then moves onto contact data research post client approval. We also help you identify sponsorship opportunities based on who’s sponsoring at similar events.

Ascentrik’s Solution

Identify Delegates, Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors

Validate Contact Details

Track Competitor’s Conferences

Confirm Registrations of Delegates

Aggregate and Analyse Large Datasets

Data Mining and Business Intelligence

We combine automation as well as human expertise, to analyse datasets and convert them into intelligence, then directly feed it into the client’s API.  We also give you the data and insights you need to explore new geographic areas in your industry and find new clients.

What Is Custom or Bespoke Research and why is it better than buying lists from data brokers?