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We fill your pipeline with freshly sourced, b2b contact and company databases, verified by our team of in-house researchers, with the highest accuracy on the market.

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Why our Bespoke Databases Generate 100% Campaign ROI

Custom built contact databases

Our defining feature- Custom built contact databases for each client project

freshly sourced data

Data that never gets stale, because it’s never stored, but freshly sourced

data accuracy

Highest Accuracy on the market with Automation + Human Verification

opt-in business databases

Single and double opt-in business databases

Data with 100% campaign ROI

Data replacement guarantee ensures 100% campaign ROI

GDPR compliant data

GDPR compliant business profiles with Highest Privacy Standards

If your marketing and sales pipeline requires a constant supply of fresh, b2b contact and company data, choose Ascentrik’s made-to-order databases. Pre-built online databases suffer from stale contact details, as employees change jobs very often. It is not feasible for online business databases to refresh data in real time. But Ascentrik makes sure you don’t have a single bounced email. This is because we work as data partners throughout your campaign.

Read a detailed comparison on pre-built and custom built b2b contact databases here. How does customisation of contact databases improve the outcome of your marketing campaigns?

All B2B Database Services in a single place

B2B Email Data Sourcing and Email List Build

A b2b email database contains email addresses and other contact and company information, which can be used for marketing and sales campaigns. Our team of data experts gives you specific and customized list of email addresses to direct your message precisely at key decision makers in target companies. Besides automated data collection processes, our team of full-time researchers manually conduct both primary and secondary research, after which they conduct voice and web verification to ensure complete accuracy of data.

Besides automated data collection processes, our team of full-time researchers manually conduct both primary and secondary research, after which they conduct voice and web verification to ensure complete accuracy of data.

B2B Data Cleansing, Validation, Enrichment

If your existing business database has incorrect and out-of-date information, our skilled personnel handle the task of validating and updating your databases by researching target companies & verifying contact information.

We manage all the existing data on the client‟s CRM and channelize it to relevant departments. We also conduct company name standardisation on your CRM, where we standardise a group of company names to one unique name to enable the research team to source a variety of contacts from various specialties.

Delegate Sourcing for Events and Conferences

In order to be successful, all b2b conferences and events need to have relevant delegates attending the event, along with speakers and sponsors. The events and conferences industry thrives on freshly sourced business databases that are always refreshed and validated. Besides this, gaining the right market and competitor intelligence, and insights about similar events held by competitors, ensures a successful event with the highest ROI.

We source and identify key contacts. Rather than traditional contact research projects, Ascentrik identifies the entire potential sources and then moves onto contact data research post client approval. We also help you identify sponsorship opportunities based on who’s sponsoring at similar events.

Identify Delegates, Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors

Validate Contact Details

Track Competitor’s Conferences

Confirm Registrations of Delegates

Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Data Mining means collecting useful information from vast quantities of available data to make decisions and for business analysis. Data is the most important asset of a company, and this has led to the evolution of data mining processes, which converts raw data into meaningful and usable information. It relies on effective data collection and storage along with data computing processes and software automation. At Ascentrik, we combine automation as well as human expertise, to analyse datasets and convert them into intelligence, then directly feed it into the client’s API. We also give you the data and insights you need to explore new geographic areas in your industry and find new clients.

Understanding the B2B Data Sourcing Market

The data brokerage market is highly fragmented. There may be up to 5,000 data providers worldwide, plus nearly 10 million open datasets published by government agencies and non-governmental organisations. Here are the 2 broad types of b2b database providers:

Data Vendors or Data Providers that allow you to download from a large database

With data brokers or software tools millions of data points are stored in a large database. A data broker is a business that aggregates information from a variety of sources; processes it to enrich, cleanse or analyse it; and licences it to other organisations. They are sometimes also called an information broker, syndicated data broker or information product company.

As the market evolves, organisations’ demands become more sophisticated. Short term requirements may be better served by downloading from pre-built databases. Long term data needs require b2b data providers who function more as partners, working as per the client’s evolving needs.

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Data Partners or Data Research Providers that outsource data research services with a team of domain experts

Data partners have a very different approach. We do not store databases and resell them to others. Each database is custom built exclusively for each client. The approach is research oriented and begins with primary and secondary research methods. We work in partnership towards the success of the client’s email campaign.

We also manage the existing CRM, keeping it refreshed and updated at all times. Besides this we also have the capability to research the market, the competition and industry trends to provide intelligence that helps in business decision making, and marketing campaigns. This ensures your data is unique from your competitors’ data.

Reasons why Ascentrik is the best b2b Data Provider

Custom Research

Unlike fully-automated databases or data sourcing solutions, our unique data gathering process is human research driven with a layer of data verification that assures complete data accuracy, and 100% campaign ROI.

We provide replacement email addresses for bounced emails, and also provide single and double opt-ins for consent based email marketing. This ensures you contact prospects only if they have opted in to receive emails or phone calls. Read more here.

Compliances in B2B Email Database Building

Compliance laws have come into existence to protect customers against various internet scams and misuse of personal data. They aim to prevent the sending of unsolicited emails.

GDPR Compliance
GDPR deals with the processing of personal data in the EU. Following these regulations not only protects individual privacy, but helps increase engagement and click-through rates on your email marketing campaigns. Since the GDPR was introduced in 2018, sending a marketing email now requires obtaining consent. This consent has to be freely given, specific, informed, unambiguous and provided by some form of clear action, such as ticking a box.

Wherever you choose to get your data list from, you need to make sure you follow GDPR norms, and receive the consent of the contacts on your list. This consent is also referred to as single and double opt-in data, and is provided by top b2b data companies.

This is how we capture consent:

  • Opt-ins are captured necessarily at staff level.
  • If the staff is not available, opt-in is captured from the Secretary/Personal Assistant, only after the staff is authorised to do so.
  • If the staff is not available for the call, details other than opt-ins are verified at the operator level to authenticate the data updated through secondary research.

To learn more about our GDPR compliance click here.

B2b contact database


For details on what kind of pricing structure we follow, please follow this link.

Our Process

If you are looking to buy a b2b contact or company database, you will need to know the process followed by your data team. Here is the complete process we follow at Ascentrik, right from obtaining the client brief, signing NDA’s and Intellectual Property Agreements, to sourcing b2b data through primary and secondary research, to communicating with the client and adding the database to their API, in the format of their choice.

API Integration

No matter which CRM you use, we are capable of directly integrating our data into your CRM system.
CRM API Integration

How much does it cost to buy an email database?

B2b marketing database

Ascentrik’s Custom Research gives you the most qualified b2b Lead Database

If you are looking to buy a business leads database, you might have considered various data vendors who store databases that can be accessed online through monthly subscriptions. You might have also heard about sourcing your data manually using valuable content, and enticing users to opt in to your marketing messages. But since that is very time and resource intensive, you might end up choosing to purchase your business database. While doing so you need to factor in 3 important criteria; Data Accuracy, Niche Targets and Pricing.

Data Accuracy:

Data that is stored in online lead databases gets stale very quickly as employees change jobs at a very high rate, and many forget to update their details on social platforms. This may happen right in the middle of your marketing campaign, causing emails to bounce, or phone numbers to be invalid, and affects the overall performance of your marketing campaign. Your brand name is also affected since the emails are sent from your company’s domain.

Therefore data accuracy is of prime importance in the success of your campaign, be it an email or cold calling campaign. But since online databases contain millions of contacts, they cannot update them all in real time. They have quarterly or monthly data updates. Some claim to have real time updates and verification of data before sharing it with you, but this happens largely for popular industries and job positions that are commonly accessed by the masses. The niche industries and job positions are not updated very often as that is not feasible considering that millions of contacts cannot be updated daily. Many times you will notice that niche industries are not even available in online lead databases.

This is where you will need a custom database provider who builds made-to-order databases for each individual client project. Custom data researchers like Ascentrik support you all through your marketing campaign. We give you replacement email addresses for every person that has changed their job during your campaign, solving the problem of email bounces.

Moreover we provide you with the all important single and double opt-ins required for consent based marketing. This ensures complete data accuracy, and 100% ROI on your email marketing campaigns, and cold calling campaigns. 

Niche Targets:

Ascentrik is one of the only data partners that has the capability to source b2b contact databases for very niche targets. Niche industries are specialised sectors focusing on a specific product or service. These industries cater to a smaller target audience and have lower competition. Some examples of niche B2B industries include oil and gas, metals and mining, specialised healthcare, etc.

On the other hand, mainstream industries include popular sectors that may have a bigger market, multiple competitors, high growth potential, or cater to a mass market need. Mainstream industries are usually commoditised by many players. Software development, IT, marketing, etc can be classified as examples of mainstream B2B industries.

Since most database solutions need to maintain large databases, the sourcing and verification of data needs to be automated with software. It is not feasible to verify millions of contacts on a daily or even a weekly basis. Therefore only the most popular, mainstream categories are updated regularly, while the industries and markets that are niche or less in demand are not.

Here is where Ascentrik Research outperforms the others. We can source and verify data from niche categories and industries. This data is unique and is hard to find anywhere else. No matter what your industry, job title, job role, or any other data point, we can source data in line with privacy norms and user consent, using our specialised team of data researchers.


In the situation mentioned above, where an employee changes his job and joins another company, while forgetting to update his details on social media, you end up with incorrect information. Many b2b data providers will charge you for this incorrect data anyway. This necessitates you to pay for refresh of these stale data records, adding to your marketing expense.

But working with custom data research companies is valuable in the long run. The cost may be a bit higher compared to the databases sold to multiple users, but eventually you will save on your marketing budget in the long run because you will not be charged for inaccurate data records, and you won’t be paying additionally for data cleansing. Lastly, the single and double opt-in data will be very beneficial to the success of your marketing campaign.

This is why a custom b2b data company like Ascentrik Research gives you the most qualified b2b databases, beyond what the usual data vendors provide.

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