Data Support Services for the DaaS Market

Outsource your data research to our team of domain experts who specialise in Data Reporting, Intelligence and Analytics

Does your company need Data in Life Sciences, Finance, Commodities Markets, or Real Estate?

Our team of full-time data research experts, source data and update your databases immediately as new information is published or made available.

How we deliver Fresh and Custom Data for your Online Platforms

Companies around the world need a daily supply of fresh data into their online b2b information platforms. We are a premium data research partner that powers up your databases with accurate, high quality, and custom-researched data.

  • We are a one stop solution for all your data needs, be it for data product managers, marketing and sales teams, business development or data management teams.
  • Our team of data researchers, and project managers work dedicatedly on your project, as an extension to your own team.
  • We have 3 facilities in Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi, and a robust IT infrastructure, making it easy to scale up based on client needs.
  • Since we don’t sell you a database, but provide a team of active researchers, we are one of the only companies who can solve the problem of stale data.
custom data research is the best means for b2b email data enrichment

Your exclusive team of Domain Experts, Medical Researchers, and Writers to Support your in-house R&D efforts.

Life Sciences and Clinical Data Research

We help research companies that provide life science information products using high quality content.

Your subscriber base of scientists and medical researchers, can benefit from a single source of RnD data to make better informed decisions across the entire Clinical Research lifecycle.

Financial Research Support Services

Ascentrik outsources our services to organisations that provide Financial Intelligence through Publications, and Content Subscription Platforms.

​​We specialise in asset classes like Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Private Debt, Secondary Investments, Agricultural Investments.

Research on the Commodities Markets

When it comes to the commodities markets like oil and gas, metals, and mining etc, there are many levels of research to consider.

Commodities tend to be highly volatile assets, as unexpected events can always affect them. Ascentrik Research fuels your intelligence products with robust research and analysis.

Comprehensive Data for the B2B Ecosystem

The most accurate data delivery that combines both speed and scale.

Research Reports: Data from Trusted Sources

We study research reports from top firms, data from government and trade associations.

Opinion Articles: Insights from Commodity Experts

We follow opinion-based articles and research papers from commodity analysts.

Market News: Coverage of All Commodities

We research market news alerts that offer coverage across all commodities.

Macroeconomic Factors: The Drivers of Supply and Demand

We also study the macroeconomic factors that help shape raw material availability and prices.

Our Coverage & Sectors

  • Healthcare & Life Science
  • Publishing
  • Private Equity 
  • Financial Services
  • Agriculture
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunication
  • Metals & Mining
  • Real Estate
  • Energy & Renewable
  • Information Technology
  • Education & Training Services 
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Infrastructure 
  • Banking
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Media
  • Transportation & Logistics

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