Outsourcing Data Management: Empowering Businesses with Customised Solutions

We are your best partner to outsource data management services, data enrichment and data cleansing services. We work towards 100% ROI on your email marketing campaigns and cold calling campaigns.

Does your organisation need to maximise the power of b2b databases in marketing, sales and business development?

Outsourcing data management is a strategic move that allows businesses to delegate their data management tasks to expert third-party service providers. Data partners like Ascentrik Research take care of sourcing, enrichment, and cleansing of databases, along with managing communications in your CRM. Project setup, assigning contacts to the right campaigns, sending emails and pre-sales follow-ups are also part of our data management outsourcing services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Management to Ascentrik Research

Data Accuracy, Consistency and Quality

To ensure accuracy firstly, we do not store databases, as storing allows data to get stale. When data is freshly sourced for each client project, it has a higher accuracy rate.

For consistency and quality, we have multiple quality control checks, and a special Quality Assurance team. If you outsource data cleansing to us, we make sure your data is never stale.

Thirdly we do not work with third parties, or share any of our data with external sources, and have our own proprietary software. We have a strong IT infrastructure to store data on our servers, and have appropriate access restrictions to staff members.

Explicit consent from users to collect and share their data

We take explicit consent, called single or double opt-in data, for a basic additional fee.

What this means is, after we prepare a list with email ID’s and other details, we verify each contact by calling them on phone or through email, and take their consent.

Verification of b2b email addresses, phone numbers etc.

B2B data like email addresses, phone numbers etc are verified by our team using automated processes for email verification, as well as manual phone calls.

Being your full time research team we provide you with the date and time of the last update. We have multiple levels of quality checks to ensure all details are verified.

Our data refresh rate

Outsourcing data cleansing at Ascentrik involves custom data refresh. Since we build fresh data lists, all our contact details are recent and updated on a regular basis. Yet, if a contact changes his job during your campaign, and his email address changes, we update that for you at a small additional fee.

Niche Targets

Ascentrik is one of the only data partners that has the capability to source b2b databases for very niche markets and job titles. This data is unique and is hard to find anywhere else. In most databases only the most popular, mainstream categories are updated regularly, while the industries and markets that are niche or less in demand are not. Many times you will notice that niche industries are not even available in online lead databases.

But with Ascentrik Research, no matter what your industry, job title, job role, or any other data point, we can source data in line with privacy norms and user consent, using our specialised team of data researchers.

GDPR Compliance for Data Protection

Ascentrik Research strictly adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the gold standard in data protection and privacy. Our robust systems and processes are designed to ensure that every step of our data enrichment services complies with GDPR requirements.

Data delivery format

Our data is delivered in any format of the client’s choice, including MS Excel, and can even be integrated directly into your CRM software. This data is transferred through SFTP or direct API integrations, and then deleted from our servers after the stipulated period.

Cost Efficiency with Ascentrik’s Data Management Outsourcing

Cost efficiency is a paramount advantage of outsourcing data management . Here’s how our strategic approach to human resources, hardware, and software not only saves on your budget, but also ensures unparalleled data quality:

Human Resource Excellence:

Our strength lies in our people. We are over 250 dedicated primary and secondary researchers stationed at three sophisticated delivery centres. This extensive human resource network allows us to handle large volumes of information with precision and efficiency.


Our infrastructure setup is designed not only for excellence but also with cost-efficiency in mind. This enables us to handle large volumes of data and deliver high-quality data management outsourcing services. At Ascentrik Research, we understand that the foundation of reliable data research lies in robust infrastructures.


Data gets stale on a weekly basis. Many data providers will charge you for this incorrect data anyway. This forces you to pay for refresh of these stale data records, adding to your marketing expense.

But working with custom data research companies is valuable in the long run. This is because eventually you will save on your marketing budget because you will not be charged for inaccurate data records, and you won’t be paying additionally for data cleansing.

By leveraging the collective power of our human resources, optimised hardware, and advanced software, we create a streamlined process that maximises cost savings for our clients. This way, outsourcing data enrichment to Ascentrik becomes a smart financial decision.

Our Outsourcing Services

Data Enrichment Outsourcing

Data enrichment outsourcing is a strategic process where businesses entrust the enhancement of their datasets to specialised external partners. It involves refining and expanding existing datasets with additional information, ensuring they are comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date. This collaborative approach of outsourced data enrichment allows businesses to focus on their core operations while benefiting from the expertise of dedicated professionals.

When you choose to outsource data enrichment to Ascentrik Research, you’re choosing a partner committed to transforming your raw data into a valuable asset. Our data enrichment outsourcing services involve enhancing, refining, and improving your data by filling in gaps, correcting errors, and updating outdated information. This ensures that your data is not just abundant, but also accurate, relevant, and actionable.

Data Cleansing Outsourcing

Data quality is crucial for any business, and that’s where our data cleansing outsourcing services come into play. When you outsource data cleansing to Ascentrik, our team of experts ensures that your data is accurate, consistent, and usable. Our data cleansing process involves removing errors, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies from your datasets, ensuring that your data is clean, reliable, and ready for analysis.

Data comes from a wide variety of sources and in a huge range of formats. Unless a lot of thought goes into the data collection at the planning stage, it can quickly become a mess, filled with duplicates and errors. It leads to poor predictions or diagnostics when running analytics. Poor data quality makes information completely unusable.

Email List Building

Sourcing data and web research is a critical part of outsourcing data management. It involves gathering data from various sources while maintaining the data’s quality, relevance, and accuracy. We gather data from web based resources like business directories, industry commerce sites, company annual reports, market reports, SEC filings, form 990, magazines, publications and journals, trade shows, conferences etc.

By choosing Ascentrik for outsourcing data enrichment, list building and cleansing, you’re choosing a partner with a proven track record of delivering high-quality data management services.

CRM Data Management Outsourcing

We carry out communication management in the client’s CRM like project set-up, and mapping contacts to relevant campaigns.
Next we conduct project planning, budget analysis etc. Then come the research activities like contact discovery, voice calls to confirm details, and gathering consent through opt-ins.

Next is the data management activities like integrating contacts into the right campaign, taking action on active enquiries, manual data cleaning activity on a daily basis etc. Inside Sales activities like assigning contacts to the right marketing manager, and sending emails on behalf of the company or forwarding it to sales representatives.

Finally reporting and analytics to showcase the entire picture of the project after completion, including market segment, contact type, GEO split count, budget split etc. Then presenting the turnaround time, and number of leads generated from the sourced contacts in a campaign.

Why Choose Ascentrik as your Data Management Outsourcing Partner?

We take pride in contributing to our long-term clients’ success stories, achieving an impressive 70% growth for businesses that have entrusted us with their data enrichment needs over the long haul.

Choosing Ascentrik as your partner for data management outsourcing means choosing a team of experts committed to delivering high-quality data management services. With our expertise in data enrichment and data cleansing, commitment to data quality and privacy, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Ascentrik is a trusted partner for all your data management outsourcing needs.

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