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We specialize in Global Data Acquisition, in multiple languages, spanning across sectors. What sets us apart is our end-to-end research services, our high accuracy rate, and our experience, and flexibility to accommodate changing client needs.

Before you choose a B2B Lead List Company, check for these factors

Do they allow some level of customisation in data sourcing? What kind of support do they provide all through your marketing campaign? What is their accuracy rate? Are they compliant with privacy norms?

How Ascentrik Research differs from Lead list companies

Custom Data with 100% Accuracy

Sales leads companies suffer from Stale Data

Since we do not function as a sales leads company, we provide complete customised marketing data to every client.

N Sales leads companies scrape data from online sources while Ascentrik provides custom data for niche targets.

N Lead list companies build a standard database and sell to multiple buyers, while Ascentrik studies your company, market, competitiors etc.

N With Sales leads companies you and your competition gets the same data while Ascentrik’s data becomes your own intellectual property giving you higher ROI.

N Lead list companies refresh data weekly, monthly or quarterly, leading to at least 5% bounce rate. But since Ascentrik does not store databases, our data is always freshly sourced and never stale. We tell you the date and time of the last update.

N Most Sales leads companies provide a software solution that gives you a list of contact details, but Ascentrik gives you a team that provides an end-to-end solution, until the completion of your campaign.

N Ascentrik Research supports you all through your marketing campaign by providing replacements, if a lead changes his job. We provide all the data support you need, even inside sales activities.

Greater ROI than Competitors

In less than a decade, we have made a greater impact than our competitors

A lot of our clients have worked with our competitors who have been around for a good 20 years but found more value in Ascentrik. We have enabled around 70% growth for our long term clients, thereby enabling our clients and our team to grow simultaneously, while maintaining very competitive pricing.

Privacy Standards

We were ready before GDPR

All the data captured by Ascentrik is GDPR Compliant and strictly follows all the rules and regulations as per the GDPR Act.

Data Transfer
N SFTP folder is setup either on our server or client server, through which files are transferred. Then an email is sent with project details.

N We also use cloud based storage portals like,, etc. for data transfer.

Data Retention Rules
N We mutually agree on the duration for the exclusion as well as research data required to be kept on the server.

N Files stored on a secured server with us and are deleted after 3 months.

Calling Scenario's
N Speak to staff : Opt-ins are captured necessarily at staff level.

N Speak to PA : If the staff is not available, opt-in is captured from the Secretary/Personal Assistant, only after the staff is authorized to do so.

N Speak to Operator : Instances where the staff is not available for the call, details other than opt-ins are verified at the operator level to authenticate the data updated through secondary research.

Security Measures
N Ascentrik’s employees are carefully selected for reliability, and are asked to sign a confidentiality undertaking, regarding confidentiality of personal data.
Data Security
N Access to Client information held by Ascentrik is protected both electronically and by manual security procedures.

N Ascentrik owns and operates the servers on which our services run and enforce strict controls over access to these systems, using firewalls, encryption and passwords.

N Backups are done dynamically at different physical locations.

Vulnerability Assessment and Intrusion Protection
N All computer systems have antivirus software and are scanned in real-time, to protect from malicious software.

N Email systems are also scanned and monitored. Weekly assessment of computer activity is undertaken.

Employee Confidentiality
N Background checks / credential checks are done on all personnel before recruitment.

N All Ascentrik’s employees are governed by obligations of confidentiality (Non Disclosure Agreement) that they are required to sign on becoming employed by the Company.

Physical Security
N Ascentriks’ office has access controls and no one is allowed without a proper ID.

N The employees and their baggage are frisked while leaving the office everyday.

N No camera phones, pen drives or any electronic imaging gadgets are allowed on the operation floor and printouts are restricted.

Access Control
N We have secure Login and Logout of Resources with tracking.

N No local storage provided, all data is stored at server level with backup.

N Regular audits of central server are conducted.

N USB ports, floppy drives and CD drives are disabled on the operations floor. This prevents unauthorized copying of data.

N Printouts are filed and are accessible only by Managers and are destroyed within the office premises, after confirmation from client.

Email Security

N All emails can be accessed only from the office premises.

N Only selected senior employees are allowed access to email accounts from outside the Office. 

N All emails are scanned for Attachments and threats.

B2B Information Provider

We go beyond Data Delivery

N We have over 200 dedicated primary & secondary researchers based out of 2 sophisticated delivery centres, making us very well equipped to deliver large volumes of information.

N Moreover we not only provide you with well researched, accurate and actionable data, but we also provide insights that help in the growth of a startup, mid sized company or a large conglomerate.

Superior Workflows

Robust quality control for Data Integrity

We conduct primary and secondary research, that is backed by technology. We call this research triangulation. We conduct:

N Regular Updates and Client Calls on ongoing projects.

N Quick Response and Faster Turn Around.

N In-person Quarterly Meetings & Feedback Sessions, Operations Staff visiting client offices for training.

N Quality Checklist as per SLA’s, initial peer review as per checklist, second review by Domain Experts.

N This is why we can provide 100% assurance on data delivered.

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Evaluate B2B Lead Databases based on user reviews:

User reviews across the web strongly suggest that data accuracy is the main concern among users of b2b data. Other concerns are related to high pricing, lack of customer support and problems with the software interface.

Problems with Data Accuracy within most sales leads companies:

With many data platforms, like Cognism numerous user reviews indicate a significant number of inaccurate phone numbers, and the majority of the acceptable ones were listed on the ‘Do Not Call’ registry.

Trustpilot Reviews  Gartner Peer Insights  Additional Trustpilot Reviews  G2 Reviews


According to one user, UpLead sometimes provides outdated contact information. As a result, it may not always align with the current business landscape, rendering it less useful for businesses.

TrustRadius Reviews  Capterra Reviews  G2 Reviews


Some users have encountered difficulties when searching for specific individuals within Leadspace. The platform’s search functionality may not always yield precise results, leading to frustration for users seeking targeted information.

While Leadspace aims to provide accurate data, some users have reported discrepancies. Inaccurate or outdated information can impact decision-making and marketing efforts, affecting overall business outcomes.

Users have observed occasional mismatches between leads and accounts within the database. These inaccuracies can hinder effective lead-to-account matching and disrupt sales and marketing processes.

TrustRadius Reviews  G2 Reviews


With Coresignal, users have found that their data may not always be comprehensive, and certain details might be missing or outdated.

Proxyway Reviews  Datarade Reviews  VC Stack Reviews


With Uplead, a few users have expressed dissatisfaction, claiming that UpLead’s database contains outdated contacts and lacks value for the money spent.

With Lead 411 users have reported that the search filters don’t work very well. This can result in a list of contacts that may not be accurate or relevant to their needs.

On the Lead IQ platform, few users have encountered outdated or incorrect contact information. Although rare, such inaccuracies can impact prospecting efforts.

Users say that Salesintel is not 100% accurate; you need to always verify if that contact is still with the company or not. Not all mobile numbers are listed.”

Capterra SalesIntel Reviews  G2 SalesIntel Reviews

Problems with Software and Support:

Some platforms like Demandbase have the following issues:

Some users have reported sluggishness in platform loading, which impacts their efficiency. The navigation, especially with dashboards, has been described as challenging by some users. Users find it frustrating to be limited to built-in reports, which may not always meet their specific needs. Overall performance has been criticized as slow and clunky.

TrustRadius Reviews  FeaturedCustomers Reviews  Demandbase Rankings  Software Advice Reviews  G2 Reviews


With Zoominfo, some users have reported that ZoomInfo’s contract language can be misleading, leading to unexpected fees and auto-renewals. The user interface can be clunky and less intuitive for some users.

TrustRadius  Peerspot  ShaneBarker


While LeadIQ covers the basics well, some users desire additional features, such as advanced filtering options or more robust analytics.

Users cite issues with the platform. Certain parts of can be glitchy, and there have been occasional data inaccuracies. Customer support response times can be slow. Additionally, the data quality for certain contacts may not always meet expectations.”

G2 Reviews  SoftwareAdvice  TrustRadius


6sense can have some lags causing long loading times. Their Salesforce user model is poor. A user on Capterra expressed frustration with loading times and Salesforce integration. The UX/UI is extremely bad. Another user found the user interface clunky and slow.

TrustRadius Reviews  Capterra Reviews

Problems with Pricing:

Some users find that ZoomInfo’s pricing lacks transparency, making it challenging to understand the true cost. Users have encountered unexpected fees for additional features, catching them off guard during billing cycles.

Even though a tool like Linkedin’s Sales Navigator is found to be very useful most users find Sales Navigator very expensive when used for entire teams.

Some users have reported feeling scammed by UpLead. There are complaints about unexpected charges, deceptive pricing, and difficulty obtaining refunds.

UpLead has received criticism for not providing notifications before subscription renewals, having a no-refund policy, and lacking adequate after-sales support.

TrustRadius Reviews  Product Hunt Reviews  SoftwareReviews  Software Advice Reviews  Trustpilot Reviews


Even a tool like Lead 411 has been found by some users to be relatively expensive compared to other solutions. The pricing structure, which limits the number of downloads per month, can be restrictive for those who frequently need new contacts for their database.

GetApp  TrustRadius Insights  SoftwareAdvice


Some users find LeadIQ’s pricing to be on the higher side, especially for smaller teams or individual users. They wish for more affordable options.

G2 LeadIQ Reviews  TrustRadius  Gartner


Apollo’s pricing can be steep for small businesses, especially considering the limitations on the number of credits and contacts. Some features, like the Chrome extension, could use improvement.”

Some users accuse RocketReach of misrepresenting their business by publishing incorrect data without permission. When contacted, RocketReach allegedly refused to remove the data.

Dissatisfied users report that most of the contact data provided by RocketReach was not working or lacked essential information. Refunds were also denied.

Trustpilot Reviews  G2 Reviews  GetApp Reviews  Gartner Peer Insights  More Trustpilot Reviews


Some users have reported deceptive pricing practices by UpLead. They claim that refunds are challenging to obtain, and cancellation processes are intentionally complicated. It’s essential to be cautious when dealing with their pricing model.

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