Your Best Partner for Outsourcing Data Research and Intelligence

Ascentrik has been providing primary and secondary research services, from  multiple facilities in India, for the last 10 years. We have covered Europe, US, Middle East, Africa and Asia, as also multiple industries and sectors.

Our Custom B2B Data gives you more reasons to Outsource to us

Data Sourcing

We give you specific and customized contact lists to direct your message precisely to key decision-makers in target companies.

Data Cleaning and Management

Ascentrik not only provides primary and secondary data research but also manages your CRM. We refresh stale contacts, assign contacts to projects, assign leads to marketing/sales managers, and conduct inside sales tasks like replying to emails, fixing meetings, etc.

Delegate Sourcing

We identify delegates, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for your conferences within tight deadlines. We also provide research and intelligence on your competitors’ conferences.

Data Mining

If we look at many large and mid-sized organizations today, in-house solutions are becoming redundant. This is because they struggle to store large datasets, lack speed, and efficiency, and fail to generate timely business intelligence. It is more profitable to have a data partner solely focused on data mining, hosting, and analyzing large datasets.

Data Insights 

We provide intelligence and insight in the form of market research, competitor analysis, trend analysis, SWOT, and sector analysis.

4 Reasons Why Outsourcing to a Research Partner is better than Downloading Data from Vendors

Automation + Human Verification

  • The race for building the largest database with millions of contacts brings in the need for software automation.
  • Accuracy that is based on automation varies, and cannot be guaranteed, leading to high bounce rates.
  • A data partner can provide a team of researchers rather than a software service.
  • Data is sourced using both automation and human verification.


  • The focus here is on exclusively built custom databases, for each individual client.
  • Since the database is not prebuilt, you don’t have contact details getting stale over time.
  • We study your company, market, and competitors, and conduct bespoke list research for your email campaigns, which become your intellectual property.
  • Your data and your competitor’s data will never be the same.

Consent through Opt-In Data

  • Gaining opt-in data does not always require you to build a list yourself, it can be easily achieved through outsourcing your entire research process to a team of domain experts.
  • If all the contacts on your list have opted-in to receive emails from you, your campaign stands a higher chance at success, as there are low bounce and unsubscribe rates.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Many data vendors may offer their downloadable lists at a low cost since they are built for scale.
  • But in the long run, these lists turn out to be more expensive, as a lot of data turns out to be stale.
  • Research partners charge for freshly sourced, exclusive data that is profitable in the long run

Why Outsource to Ascentrik

We are a research oriented company, with a strong base of subject matter experts and technology experts. We do not outsource data collection to third parties.

Our IT infrastructure system is robust, with a MIS (Management Information System) that allows us to work from home or office.

Through multiple languages, and flexibility to accommodate changing client needs, we provide custom data for niche targets.

We have enabled around 70% growth for our long term clients.

We are 100% GDPR compliant, and ensure your data is always private and confidential.

We also have an in-house Quality Assurance Team, constantly making sure the data we deliver is 100% accurate.

We offer you a Team of Research Experts

Our team of research experts build your custom database, so you can seamlessly connect to hundreds of data sources to remove duplicates, correct errors, and standardize formats. With improved data quality, comes a more comprehensive view of your customers, business operations, and more.

We Aim for the Success of your Campaign and not just Data Delivery! This gives you a higher ROI.

Custom Research for the success of your Information Products

We provide Industry specific intelligence, mainly in fields like Life Sciences, Finance and Commodities markets. We fuel your information products with relevant data, so that your subscribers have a single source of industry intelligence.

Life Science Research

We specialise in reporting on pre-clinical and clinical trial research, and drug safety. We find answers to queries about every stage of the drug lifecycle. We also write custom reports and newsletters.

Financial Research

We conduct in-depth financial research for capital markets which involves analyzing various financial reports, annual reports, investment transactions, etc. We also research private markets, especially the LP-GP model. We cover most asset classes like private debt, venture capitals, buyouts, etc.

Commodities Research

We conduct a research and analysis on commodities markets like oil and gas, metals, mining etc. Since commodities are highly volatile assets, we gather information on all the events and trends affecting them.