Manage your Customer and Prospect Data, with our CRM Services

Market to the right leads

Align marketing and sales teams

Save time manually cleaning stale data

Make decisions based on accurate data

We help you manage your Customer Data
  • Manage relationships with existing as well as potential customers. 
  • Streamline sales cycles to achieve higher ROI, and gain larger profits. 
  • Gain visibility on everything related to your customers.
  • Nurture your existing customers throughout their life cycle.
  • Build a good relationship with your customers, and give them an experience they will cherish
Associated Services To Maintain The Perfect Contact Database

CRM Data Management

Managing all the data which is available on the client‟s CRM and channelizing the data to the relevant departments.

Company Name Standardisation

Help in standardizing a group of company names to one unique name which will be easier for the research team to source a variety of contacts from various specialties.

Competitor Event Mapping

Assist the client in tracking the ongoing & future events of competitor companies & accordingly plan the events & data to be researched

Email Bounce Back

Keep track of all bounced emails and ensure that the contact is replaced by the appropriate one, which can be approached, thus ensuring all time cleaner database

Email Unsubscribe

Keeping a track of all the emails which indicate “Unsubscribe” and ensuring that the same contact/company is not contacted again in the future.

Returned Mail PDF Scans

Keeping a record of hard copies of returned mails/pdf documents and ensure that they reach the client’s end so that they can decide upon the further course of action

Inbox Management

Tracking and rerouting all the communication on the client’s end of email inbox such as thus saving numerous hours of the client’s marketing/sales team

Our team of data researchers works full time, as an extension to your team. We carry out contact data, market, and competitive research, so your business decisions, marketing, and sales are fuelled by accurate data. Our data is verified and goes through stringent quality checks. We make sure your CRM data is refreshed and relevant.

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