Frequently Asked Questions

01. How is Ascentrik different from the usual data providers?

Ascentrik works as a research partner. We ensure the success of your marketing/sales campaign or your information product. We work towards increasing your ROI. We conduct custom research for each client so that the data becomes your Intellectual Property, helping you stand apart from the competition.

02. How are Ascentrik's email lists and contact databases built for 100% Accuracy Guarantee?

Our contact and email lists are custom built. We know that contacts change jobs, so we refresh details even during your campaign or replace the contact if needed. We make sure you have all the contacts you paid for, without any bounces or stale ones.

03. What is the benefit of a research team over a data/list provider?

A research team like Ascentrik is built on the strong foundation of domain experts, with MSc, MA, MBA, Ph.D. degrees, and are well versed in multiple languages. These researchers work as your full-time employees and an extension to your own team. We also have an in-house Quality Assurance team, constantly making sure the data we deliver is 100% accurate.

04. How is Ascentrik's data better than online downloadable databases?

Ascentrik studies every new client, it’s market, competitors, and unique needs and value propositions. We also conduct an audit on how much data we can realistically deliver in that market or geography. Then we submit a report so you know exactly what you will pay for and receive. This means we provide custom, bespoke data specially tailored to each client’s needs, whereas downloadable online databases mean you and your competitor will receive the same exact data.

05. How do our services benefit marketing and sales?

Besides providing email databases and contact lists for marketing and sales campaigns, we conduct project setup and management in the CRM. We map contacts to the right project and assign leads to the right manager. We also carry out inside sales activities and respond to queries.

06. How do we ensure strict privacy with the client's data?

We are 100% GDPR compliant, and ensure your data is always private and confidential. Our research and data are built from the ground up, for each new client. Your data is not stored in a common, downloadable database.

07. How do we ensure you pay only for what you use, and how can you get 100% returns from the contact list you have purchased?

If a contact changes his job, or in the unlikely situation that an email bounces, we replace it for you, with a valid one. So you pay only for successful contacts.

08. Where do we source our data from?

We conduct Primary and Secondary research, through interaction with C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies, regarding their current performance, transactions in niche markets, and future launches. We source data from annual reports, databases, industry commerce sites, country departmental sources, etc. We research the most complex information such as various industry market reports, SEC filings, form 990, capital and private market data

09. How do we validate our data?

We conduct Research Triangulation, a method used by custom research companies. We use more than one method to collect data on the same topic, by testing validity through the convergence of information from different sources. This research strategy uses multiple sources, multiple methods, and even multiple investigators to develop a comprehensive understanding and to capture different dimensions of the same phenomenon.

10. How do we ensure the quality and accuracy of our data?

Our Quality Analysts conduct Random Checks, which involves opening the live production file of a researcher. Batch Testing of each researcher’s output is sampled and tested. In cases of substandard performance, the team leaders chart out a performance improvement plan which is tracked on a fortnightly basis. Live Quality Control involves automated tools, built-in standardization, and manual checks.

11. What kind of privacy options do we have?

We have NDA’s and SLA’s when we begin working with any client. We approach each project as an Intellectual Property, hence the data is deleted after submission.

12. How often do we update our data?

We do not store databases. All research and sourcing of data are built from the ground up, for each client. This means our data is always refreshed and relevant.

13. Which countries do we serve?

We serve clients across the globe and our domain experts are well versed in multiple languages.

14. How can we help a company in the financial sector?

We conduct in-depth financial research for capital markets which involves analyzing various financial reports, annual reports, investment transactions, etc. We also research private markets, especially the LP-GP model. We cover most asset classes like private debt, venture capitals, buyouts, etc.

15. How can we help in the Clinical/Life Science Research sector?

We have a highly qualified team of pharmaceutical researchers and medical writers. Whether the client is a Life Science Research Company, Conference Organiser, Regulator, or a Healthcare Data Provider, Ascentrik can help find answers to queries about every stage of the drug lifecycle.