We provide Financial Intelligence Support Services

Ascentrik identifies emerging Market Trends that empower you to take advantage of market opportunities. Be informed of Mergers and Acquisitions, Buyouts, New IPO Listings, Investments etc. in your industry. We conduct Sector analysis, swot analysis and competition research.

We have significant in-house expertise which enable us to conduct comprehensive financial research for clients across the metals, mining and industrial mineral industries.

We specialize in ‘hard-to-find’ information, thanks to its established knowledge of the markets we serve. Our researchers and analysts leverage our core strengths and market knowledge in order to provide expert analysis for our clients.

We provide a comprehensive coverage of various asset classes within the private and public markets. These are the asset classes we cover:

1.  Private Market Research

Within the Private Market, Ascentrik analyses these Asset classes like Private Equity, Private Capital, Private Debt, Venture Capital, Real Estate, Hedge Funds, Commodities, and Futures. We conduct company profiling and financial statement analysis, risk analysis, gap analysis, to understand the performance and financial health of a company, and future prospects of an organization. We study financial statements like income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and statements of changes in equity.

We have special expertise related to the relationship between investors and fund managers in private equity, that is the General and Limited Partners nexus. We talk to the general partners, limited partners, advisors, lawyers, regulators and financiers who determine how capital flows into and out of the class. From this we create a carefully judged blend of digital news, commentary and analysis of all the key trends and events that shape private equity, as well as a proprietary database of funds, fund managers and their investors as yet another integral part of our digital offering.

2. Capital Market Research

Ascentrik conducts equity research. We study investments and fund portfolios of financial assets like shares and mutual funds. We analyze various financial reports, annual reports, recent investment transactions, fetch AUM(assets under management) details, and provide the most valuable future investment information. Ascentrik writes investment summary articles for our clients that are used for their investment portals, and are accessed by many top companies in the capital market.

3. Commodities Intelligence

We provide intelligence on Commodities, (oil and gas, metals, mining, chemicals, etc). and on derivatives like futures and options. Changes in political, economic, and even weather issues can affect the prices of commodities. We keep your information products up to date with research and insight on all these variables.