Who We Are

Research and Analytics that Fuels Business Growth, Contact Data and Insights that Empower your Marketing

Ascentrik Research is a B2B Data Research and Intelligence company, that provides customized, high-quality data and insights to top businesses around the world.

As you get to know Ascentrik, there are a few things you will notice about us that you won’t find elsewhere. We are one of the few companies that treat each new client project as an Intellectual Property. We conform to strict NDA’s and adhere to GDPR standards at all times. Our vision for the company has always been to fit into the niche segment of data consultants, who value privacy as much as we value data quality.

Our large team, state-of-the-art infrastructure, a client list spanning over 40 countries across the globe, a trust that has led to repeat business from clients, an efficient communication system with our clients, are what give us strong confidence in ourselves, and give you an assurance that we stand up to our promises.

It’s little wonder that we have been trusted by many Fortune 500 companies to deliver world-class data and insights.

From Data Research to Empowering Your Marketing, Sales and B2B Information Product Pipeline

Phase 1

Data Acquisition and List Building

We started with our core strength of custom data sourcingsupplying lead lists and email databases for sales and marketing, conducting CRM data updation and validation. But we had a bigger vision. We wanted to ensure the success of our client’s campaign or information product that was powered by our data.

Phase 2

Marketing and Sales Campaign Success

We set up and managed projects in the clients CRM, oversaw and guided leads through the sales funnel by taking actions on enquiries, converting leads to opportunities, We built report dashboards, so the client could view much more detailed information regarding any project through visual and graphical representations.

Phase 3

Market and Competitor Research

We began building a team that worked as full-time employees for our clients, to understand their market and competition. We began conducting market research, Sector and SWOT Analysis, Competitor Research, through interaction with C level executives, as well as complex industry and market reports.

Phase 4

Data for B2B Information Products

Our team of domain experts, research data for b2b information products, through primary and secondary research in sectors like Finance, Life Science, IT, Real Estate, Metals/Mining, Infra, Telecom, etc. We conducted in-depth Financial research for private markets, especially the LP-GP model. We further expanded in the Clinical market by providing key information for Preclinical Trials, conducting Pharmacovigilance & SAE reporting. We even set up the proprietary software infrastructure needed for data capture.

We were able to put our vision into practice and achieve a high client retention rate, which led to our success in less than a decade, by not just researching data but putting it to work in your pipeline.

The Story So Far

How we went from Startup to Global Brand


Ascentrik started operations from its Mumbai office, primarily serving clients with data research. We were a small team with wide experience in database management, market research and analysis, and a dream of going a long way. Our objective was to deliver the best quality B2B information, to global clients, using best-in-class technology, along with retaining and grooming a good workforce.


Our hard work began paying off, and we began achieving our goals of delivering high-quality B2B information and building a quality workforce. We also started to see an increase in demand for data services. Riding on the wave of this opportunity, we opened a data research facility in Pune, serving clients in Pan European markets.


Soon we were able to build and sustain a loyal set of clients, who were very pleased with our work. This brought about growth and a need to expand. Our growing team, and bigger business opportunities, called for a much larger office, in Mumbai, the business hub, where we served clients in North America, South East Asia, and South Africa.


By this time our workforce had grown even stronger, and we challenged ourselves to explore new sectors and break new ground for Ascentrik. We had a 120+ strong in-house workforce, diversifying the research domain, which helped us enter new spaces of research in the financial sector, infrastructure, and private markets.


Ascentrik is Incorporated as Private Limited, and the Board is formed. We signed large agreements with some of the world’s best-known events, conferences, and publisher’s companies. We developed robust data processes for delivering large amounts of customized B2B information. We moved into new areas like lifesciences, clinical research, and bioinformatics.


We signed exclusive data agreements with the world’s largest events and conference organizers, became data partners to a leading financial magazine, and implemented new technology in-house to ensure best-in-class service. We added 100+ clients and delivered more than 2 million customized data, executed bespoke projects in niche private market analysis, and signed a multi-year agreement to serve a large lifescience data product company.


After strengthening our digital presence, we had major expansion plans but with the coming of Covid 19, we had to reinvent our strategies. But nevertheless, we rose to the new challenges and enabled our staff of more than 200 to work from home in a very efficient way. This gives us the confidence to face future challenges and continue with our expansion plans into various global markets.