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We provide entire Clinical Data Research and Analysis

Our qualified team of pharmaceutical researchers and medical writers digs deep into the best sources of pharmacovigilance, R&D, and Clinical trial data, to collate query-driven, verifiable reports for the client. We provide an in-depth analysis of product development through drug discovery processes and pre-clinical landscapes. Whether the client is a Life Science Research Company, Conference Organizer, Regulator, or a Healthcare Data Provider, Ascentrik can help find answers to queries about every stage of the drug lifecycle.

Our Services

\ Design, Develop and Manage the Clinical Research Analytics solution, and providing Customized tracking & reporting of study trials. \ Web-based search from different sources and trial registries (for identifying all relevant pharma companies and academics), and Quality Check of data acquired. \ Discrepancy Resolution if there arises any query from the clients’ end. \ An aggregate report including drug chemistry, preclinical data (API formulation, formulation studies, safety studies, PK/PD data) \ Lead therapeutic class notified for drug discovery and preclinical development as per the client request
Clinical Research

– Services

Pharmacovigilance We work closely for addressing adverse events and curate safety data from incongruent sources.

SAE Reporting SAE Reporting and case processing Individual case safety report PSURS- Periodic Safety Update Reports DSURS- Development Safety Update Reports, Patient narratives.

Data Management A qualitative and integrate approach in data management with efficient reporting of data to meet your specific needs. Safety reports, Efficacy reports, Drug landscape, Regulatory Announcements, Newsletter.

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