Your Exclusive Team Of Domain Experts, Medical Researchers, And Writers To Support Your In-House R&D Efforts.

We help organizations streamline their Research by Outsourcing their Data Reporting and Intelligence Processes.

Our Customized Research Includes:

  • Design, Develop and Manage the Clinical Research Analytics solution, and provide Customized tracking & reporting of study trials.
  • Web-based search from different sources and trial registries (for identifying all relevant pharma companies and academics), and Quality Check of data acquired.
  • Discrepancy Resolution if there arises any query from the clients’ end.
  • An aggregate report including drug chemistry, preclinical data, Trial data (API formulation, formulation studies, safety studies, PK/PD data, efficacy data)
  • Lead therapeutic class notified for drug discovery and preclinical development as per the client request

Who We Serve

  • We help research companies that provide life science information products using high quality content. The quality of information determines the difference between success and failure.
  • We accelerate your information products, with data fuelled by our exclusive team of life science researchers, who work as an extension to your team.
  • Your subscriber base of scientists and medical researchers, can benefit from a single source of RnD data to make better informed decisions across the entire Clinical Research lifecycle.


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