Analytics and Reports to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts

Ascentrik’s business intelligence provided through reports and analytics, helps you make better decisions. Get to know what’s working for your competitors and identify opportunities for growth.

The best way to utilize business intelligence is when you can visualize your data research in meaningful charts and graphs. It shows you your past and current performance and helps you make predictions for future growth, as well as utilize marketing and sales budgets effectively.

The Difference Between The Two


Reporting is the presentation of data in an easily understandable manner. Using various tools like charts, graphs and dashboards, information is segregated, classified and compared. It is meant to be very visual, to facilitate comprehension. A data report is a tool used to evaluate past, present, and future business information, with a simultaneous view of the overall performance of a company.


Analysis interprets information and turns it into insight, telling you what you can do with your data and how to put it to use. It asks questions related to your business problems and tries to find solutions. It suggests the way forward and what action needs to be taken by the organization.

We give you relevant and accurate market research data and analytics

Market research and analytics is the process of uncovering information about target markets, competitors, customers, and marketing efforts through data visualization tools in order to report on the data researched and extract valuable business insights. We can also actively track consumers’ habits, behaviors, and opinions through online media. This directly helps you improve the outcomes of your marketing campaigns.

  • We analyze market data in real-time and give you actionable insights, and solve marketing issues.
  • Identify important patterns and trends to help you make data-driven decisions
  • Have easily accessible dashboards plugged directly into your API

An end-to-end team for data research, analysis and insight

The task of conducting data research, interpreting it into charts and graphs, and presenting it in an easily accessible dashboard, and finally making predictions for the future through analyzing that data, has always been a very resource-intensive task for any organization. Therefore the ability to have a dedicated team of data researchers and analysts, working as an extension to your team, gives you real-time business insight.

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