The Most Effective Means for Event Managers to Source Delegate Data

One of the b2b industries to be hit hardest this year is the events industry.

As in-person events are being canceled, we are steadily transitioning to virtual events, which seem likely to continue even after the current pandemic situation, as there are many benefits to them.

Virtual events can include interactive presentations, training, sales presentations, meetings, webinars, etc. There are ways to incorporate interactivity and networking into them, so they feel just like real events.

What organisers can aim for now is highly targeted events.

Smaller virtual events with the ‘right’ attendees, can be more effective than a large event with less interested attendees. This can work out as an advantage as your events become highly focused. Virtual Events cost less since there is no venue and travel. This will spare your budget for campaigns, promotions, and follow-ups.

Now more than ever, marketers need highly accurate contact lists and email databases of delegates, sponsors, and speakers. A strong team of data researchers will enable marketers and event organizers to build lead lists without any loss of time and effort over stale and incorrect downloadable records. With such a team backing your event organizing company, your events can go on uninterrupted.

Ascentrik gives you highly accurate and targeted lists, based on your exact specifications. Data gets stale when contacts change their jobs. We update it or replace it with a new contact thus guaranteeing you 100% ROI on your investment. We charge only for successful records delivered.

Besides, we do more than just contact discovery, we carry out Contact Mapping in the CRM, Project setup and management, Campaign Management, as well as inside Sales activities like taking action on active enquiries, fixing meetings, assigning contacts to the right sales executives.

Our research expertise is geared towards achieving highly targeted marketing campaigns, to make sure your events are successful, whether online or offline.