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Guidelines for Buying Email Lists

The idea of buying an email list is very often looked down upon, and there are many good reasons for it. The main reason is that a lot of b2b marketers have purchased lists that have poor accuracy. Most marketers who advocate not buying email addresses are the ones who have tried out downloading leads from online databases and burnt their fingers. This has caused the purchase of lead lists to earn a very bad name.

Indeed, you can instantly download millions of contacts and email id’s from online databases, giving you access to potential leads in completely new markets. But if this list is not truly refreshed and accurate, you end up spending your marketing budget on stale leads. Besides, you also damage the credibility of your domain, on account of your emails being classified as spam.

Is there a Solution?

While the market is flooded with b2b email data providers, a few data research companies have managed to solve this problem through a new approach. Let’s go through the most prominent ways this is being achieved, and how you can be alert and attentive in looking for these parameters, before shortlisting which email database service to go with.

When you download a database, you are interacting with software. Softwares can be very time-saving and hassle-free when you can just input your query and receive a quick answer that you know is accurate. But it doesn’t always work this way with contact and company details. These details are very volatile. They change every time an employee moves to a new company. Now this change may happen even when your marketing campaign is in progress. Most data providers have quarterly or monthly refresh cycles programmed into their software. While this helps, it is certainly not enough to achieve a 100% accuracy rate.

The Answer Lies In Data Research Teams

Now compare this situation with a team of data researchers, working as your research team of full-time employees. These data researchers work from the ground up on very specific niches, as per the market you need to target. They conduct both Primary (in-person) and Secondary(web-based) research to give you email ids, phone numbers, addresses, NAICS, SIC codes, and even actionable insights to aid your decision-making, trend analysis, market and competitor intelligence, and everything you need for the success of your campaign. They even replace any stale data record due to lead switching jobs or any other reason. In this way, they work as true data partners for organizations that are serious about achieving high ROI on their marketing campaigns.

These research teams have structures and workflows built for high productivity, with team leads, subject matter experts, and quality control staff. There is a combination of Automation and Research, Analytics, Reporting, Visualizations, and Recommendations to achieve higher returns in a span of 1 to 2 years.

The strength of these research-oriented companies is in the strong base of subject matter experts, and their customized approach, to deliver a huge number of records per month. The true extent of flexibility is seen in the ability of these teams to take up additional tasks to facilitate the client’s pipeline like project setup and contact mapping within the CRM, project planning and management, plus inside sales activities, which aids lead generation. Thus in the end you don’t just get a list of contact details but even reports and insights to help with future decision-making. This is why data research companies can be seen as growth drivers who help clients increase their ROI and scope of work over the years.

How to build an effective b2b lead list for cold calling and advertising

How to build an effective b2b lead list for cold calling and advertising

B2B lead lists, or prospect lists, have become an important aspect of businesses in today’s economy. By having a targeted list of potential customers, you can focus your efforts and resources on those who are more likely to be interested in your product or service, increasing your chances of success. Some of the major applications of a B2B lead list are cold calling, advertising and email marketing.

Reaching out to new prospects and eventually converting them into customers is directly proportional to a company’s growth and increasing revenue; therefore, leveraging a high-quality B2B lead list is beneficial for your marketing and sales teams.

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