Investment in Data Partners who Provide End-to-End Services

Justify Your Budget With High Value:

What differentiates a research partner from the usual data provider is the added value they can bring to the client’s business. This quality is what will give clients extra support during tough economic situations.

Coping with smaller budgets requires that you find the most cost-effective marketing and business strategies. Obtaining high returns from your campaigns and other investments enables marketers and data managers to justify spend. This can be done by investing in a good data sourcing strategy, where your marketing campaigns are handled in the CRM, data is plugged into your API, and contacts are managed until they convert into a business opportunity.

Beyond Contact Discovery:

Ascentrik being a Research Partner, our services are marketing and sales driven, which is what any business needs to sustain and grow, with the least effort at the client’s end. Our team has always been efficient at delivering data and insight and putting it to work so that the client sees business growth and increased ROI. Our team includes domain experts and those skilled in handling campaigns, generating leads, and taking them through the pipeline to turn opportunities into business. Our primary focus is improving our client’s ROI, by sharing accountability, rather than just providing a list of contacts. This ensures you spend your budget in the best way possible.

Proving This Claim In Less Than A Decade:

The best proof of this claim is a small team of 10 members, growing to a 200+ strong in-house research company, within just a decade. With more than a hundred clients and above 2 million contacts delivered, the only way we got here is by growing our client’s business.

A lot of businesses come to us for data research, and we take up added tasks to facilitate the client’s pipeline like Project Setup and Contact Mapping within the CRM, Project Planning and Management, and Campaign Management in the CRM, along with the initial contact discovery.

We also perform inside sales activities by taking action on active enquiries through emails or calls, fixing meetings, and creating new sales opportunities. We have gone from Contact Discovery to Lead Generation while providing reports and insights to help with future decision making.

With all these efforts our client’s business increased, besides helping them to reduce their team size, effort, salaries, and infrastructure costs. As of 2020, these clients have scaled up their targets by at least 4 times, thanks to our qualitative and quantitative data.

In the financial research sector we expanded our data discovery from infrastructure, private equity, and renewables, to more asset classes like private debt, venture capitals, buyouts, agribusiness, secondaries, etc. thus dynamically growing the client’s product with diverse and in-depth data. In the Clinical Research market, we provided key information for Preclinical Trials, conducting Pharmacovigilance & SAE reporting.

This is how Ascentrik has been providing end-to-end services for Marketing, Sales, IT, and Data Research teams, delivering millions of data and intelligence across sectors and geographies. This enables our clients to work with us on cost-effective budgets, as most of the work is managed at our end, saving the client’s resources.