Turning Data Into Business Intelligence to Transform an Organisation

During the time of major shifts in the economy, companies need to rely on business intelligence to help in revenue allocation, problem-solving and decision making. As markets are going through sweeping changes, there is a lot of data that can be researched and studied for informed business decision making and planning the way forward. A lot of sectors struggle for survival, while some others may continue to do well. All this volatility is reflected in business data. If we can access and analyze it, we can turn raw data into insightful, actionable intelligence.

Business Intelligence combines data mining, market, and competitive research, reporting, data visualization, and analytics, to help organizations make data-driven decisions. Most companies turn to Business Intelligence to steer or even revive their businesses..

This is how research companies transform Data into Business Intelligence

Data Research and Mining Processes

We conduct primary and secondary research processes, including daily interaction with C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies, regarding their current performance, transactions in niche markets, and their future launches. Our domain experts interpret industry-specific market data. Data mining is also conducted through software automation.

Visualisation, Reporting, and Analytics

Data visualization is one of the ways to present business intelligence. It makes it more accessible and understandable. Visualizations compiled into dashboards can quickly tell a story and highlight trends or patterns that cannot be discovered easily while manually analyzing raw data.

Through reports, we showcase the entire picture of the project after completion. It includes a market segment, contact type, GEO split count, budget split, etc. With graphs and charts, we show the turnaround time, number of leads generated from the sourced contacts in a campaign (its percentage, regions, industries, titles, etc.)

Under a single click for the dashboard, a client is able to view much more detailed information regarding any specific project.

Market, Lead and Competitive Research

Our business intelligence helps accelerate Marketing and Sales opportunities by identifying the right leads. Our Market and Competitive Research helps businesses improve their competitive edge by identifying trends, buying preferences, and patterns and providing SWOT and sector analysis. We analyze current trends and outcomes and tell you what you should be doing to solve problems and have a growth-oriented future. We make sure your database is up to date and enriched with the latest business information.

Our Business Intelligence extracts important insights from unstructured data and transforms it into valuable insights. Companies can use this information to make strategic decisions, enhance efficiency and productivity, cost-cutting, identifying opportunities, increasing revenues, and gaining a competitive advantage. Turning to a research partner who provides custom insights and intelligence, is the best way to ensure growth in a changing economy.