Email Marketing – The Untold Story

The above video is an introduction to a series of videos on b2b email campaigns, and how to achieve very high success with your email campaigns.

The video series is titled ‘The Untold Story’ because there are many aspects to email marketing which are highly discussed. A few such factors are strategy and planning, writing effective email copy in terms of subject lines and an attractive pitch, automating the emailing process and measuring analytics. 

But what’s the use of writing and automating great emails, when the audience list itself is inaccurate? If the list is inaccurate, your emails will not be opened and read at all, leading to an unsuccessful email campaign. That’s why we have created this 5 part series on Email Campaigns- The Untold Story.

We will show you how to target your emails at the right audience, with the help of a 100% accurate email list or contact database.

In today’s digital world, not much is said about a quick and effective means to obtain your list of contact details like email id’s, phone numbers etc, of those who will receive your emails. There is the time taking method of building a contact list with the help of content marketing. But that is very time and resource intensive. So many companies simply take the seemingly easy route and buy lists from online databases, which are notorious for being inaccurate, besides being shared by multiple users.

Therefore Ascentrik Research has created this video series to throw light upon the less talked about, but very effective method we call custom data research. With custom data research an organisation can have an extended team of domain experts working remotely, to source and verify contact data at scale. This saves your time, you don’t need to hire and train a huge team, and it turns out to be very cost effective.

Hopefully the entire series of videos will give you all the knowledge you need if you are an entrepreneur, marketer or sales person trying to reach out to your audience through email marketing.

In the 1st video Ascentrik Research answers the question, how do you get the most out of your Email Campaigns in 2022?

Most marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners are less than satisfied with the results of their email marketing initiatives, so taking things to the next level needs the factor of very high accuracy.

Email campaigns are one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach their target customers, however, one of the biggest hurdles to an email campaign’s success is the number of unverified entries in their email list. To have such a quality database each entry needs to be crosschecked via phone, email & web to ensure their authenticity.

Finally, if all the people in the list have provided consent to receive your communication through single or double opt-ins then the chances of your mail ending up in spam folders decreases which equals to lower bounce rates & unsubscriptions.

Normally businesses fetch their email list from common databases available for purchase, these lists are available to every-one of your competitors too, they are often filled with outdated information and have more issues that are further discussed in this video.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send mails to people who genuinely want to hear from you?

This is where Ascentrik comes into the picture. We help companies execute successful email campaigns by providing them a customised email database that is exclusively owned by their company.

Watch the above video to get a better understanding of building accurate email databases.

Watch the Entire Series to know more on Email Campaigns