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Choosing the right b2b contact database solution is foundational to the success of your marketing and sales efforts. This page reviews the top competitors to Uplead, to see how they score on various parameters like Accuracy, Pricing, Niche Markets etc.

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Although these are among the top companies like Uplead, helping you to constantly add marketing and sales qualified leads to your pipeline, the differences and drawbacks among them start to emerge when you consider their approach to data sourcing and storage.

Lead411, Demandbase, CoreSignal and SalesIntel are the best alternatives to Uplead on the market. They are b2b email list building and sales intelligence solutions that are built upon very large databases, with millions of contacts. They work as software tools with millions of email addresses and direct dials, that you can download from.

According to reviews, the 2 main complaints many users have had with these data solutions is the high cost and lack of complete accuracy, which is incorrect emails and phone numbers. Like many software tools, their data is not as accurate as they claim it to be. This has led many marketers to look for competitors to Uplead, specially companies that offer customised solutions.

Comparison between top Uplead Alternatives

Among the top Uplead alternatives reviewed below, we must keep in mind that some of them have a more customised approach to data sourcing and delivery. Therefore you would need to contact the company for pricing and other details.

Now let’s take a detailed look into the various alternative databases like Lead411 and Demandbase, as well as more customised platforms like CoreSignal, SalesIntel and Ascentrik Research.



Lead411 is a sales intelligence platform that provides features such as contact data availability, performance and reliability, reporting and dashboards, API integration, and user access management to enhance lead generation and engagement efforts.


Pros :

  • Lead411 offers unlimited downloads of sales leads, making it a valuable resource for businesses seeking to expand their client base.
  • The platform provides daily leads based on territory, ensuring that you have access to up-to-date information.
  • Lead411 offers a no-commitment monthly subscription, allowing flexibility for users.
  • Users appreciate the platform’s accuracy in providing titles, emails, and phone numbers within organizations.
  • Lead411 is inexpensive, making it an attractive choice for businesses looking to optimize lead generation efforts.


Cons :

  • Some users find the monthly download limit restrictive.
  • While Lead411 provides valuable data, its search filters for building lists may not always yield precise results.
  • In comparison to other solutions, Lead411 is perceived as expensive by some users.


Pricing Structure :

  • Free Trial: Free/7 days
  • Basic Plus Unlimited: $99/month per user *
  • Basic Plus Unlimited: $899/year per user
  • Pro with Bombora Intent: Custom Annual plan
  • Enterprise Limited: Custom Monthly plan
  • Unlimited: Custom Annual plan


Lead411 Reviews :

The following is taken from TrustRadius reviews.
Users appreciate Lead411’s accuracy in providing contact information within organizations. It helps find titles, emails, and phone numbers, making it a valuable lead generation tool.

Lead411 offers a range of valuable use cases for its users. Businesses can enhance their client procurement and marketing efforts. It provides fresh daily leads based on territory and has a no-commitment monthly offer.

Users have reported that the search filters within Lead411 don’t work very well. This can result in a list of contacts that may not be accurate or relevant to their needs.

Some users find Lead411 to be relatively expensive compared to other solutions. The pricing structure, which limits the number of downloads per month, can be restrictive for those who frequently need new contacts for their database.



Demandbase is a structured database that organizes data about accounts, people, opportunities, and activities, enabling account-based marketing and sales efforts.


Pros :

  • Demandbase offers a complete suite of tools for Account-Based Marketing and Experience (ABM/ABX).
  • Demandbase’s AI-driven account intelligence enables precise targeting of accounts and buying groups.
  • With over a trillion third-party intent signals per month, Demandbase identifies high-intent accounts and buying groups.
  • Demandbase’s Predictive Analytics leverages AI models to identify and target the most promising accounts based on fit, intent, and engagement across various channels.
  • Gain insights into in-market buying groups and accounts, empowering account executives and sales representatives to close more deals.


Cons :

  • Demandbase can become expensive, especially when features like B2B data and personalization are added at an extra cost.
  • The ad-serving capability is manual, requiring users to provide assets and lists for campaign setup and management.
  • The Cost Per Mille (CPM) for the Demandbase Demand-Side Platform (DSP) can be relatively high.


Pricing Structure :

  • Demandbase does not display its pricing on the website. They have many plans but you need to get in touch with their sales team for each of them.


Demandbase Reviews :

The following is taken from TrustRadius reviews & Software Advice.
A verified reviewer praises the platform’s capabilities and ease of use. They find it valuable for their team’s targeted account approach to sales and marketing.
Another user appreciates Demandbase for launching ABM campaigns to the right accounts based on buyer signals.

A user mentioned that the reporting platform was awful. Any data manipulation they wanted to perform had to be done outside of the platform using a CSV export.
Another user found it frustrating that they could only operate Demandbase One in incognito mode. Additionally, they mentioned that the platform could sometimes be glitchy, although not enough to be overly annoying.



CoreSignal is a company that provides fresh public web data for comprehensive market intelligence. They assist data-driven startups, enterprises, and investment firms by collecting, refreshing, and delivering data from challenging online sources related to companies and people worldwide.


Pros :

  • CoreSignal offers fresh and well-maintained datasets from over 20 different sources.
  • CoreSignal takes compliance seriously. They collect data only from publicly available sources and provide an opt-out mechanism.
  • CoreSignal provides structured public web data, eliminating the hassle of scraping while ensuring relevance and timeliness.


Cons :

  • CoreSignal primarily focuses on business-related data. If you’re looking for information related to products or people outside of professional contexts, you might need to explore other sources.


Pricing Structure :

Datasets start from $1250. You’ll need to contact their sales team.

Database APIs plans-
1. Free tier: $0  (200 credits)
2. Pay as you go: $20   ($0.20/credit) (No commitment)
3. Pro: $800/month ($0.08/credit) (Get 10,000 credits)
4. Enterprise: Volume pricing. Need to contact sales.


CoreSignal Reviews :

The following is taken from Datarade & Proxyway.
The Coresignal team is incredibly pleasant and professional to work with. Their data has allowed our business to grow and scale rapidly while delivering key insights to our own clients. I highly recommend their products to anyone on the market.

We use the linkedin data primarily for contact enrichment – specifically the work experience data. The rest of the data set has little application for our use case. We also license the linkedin company data set and utilize firmographic data points driving off the url that is exposed on the record.

Some users find the user experience unpolished. However, this drawback is outweighed by the quality of their datasets. is a leading sales intelligence platform that provides accurate B2B contact data. It empowers revenue teams by enabling efficient growth through high-quality data intelligence solutions.


Pros :

  • Users appreciate the ability to conduct precise and detailed searches for information, allowing them to expand their pipeline effectively.
  • Many find it to be a comprehensive solution for prospecting and lead generation.
  • The platform integrates well with several CRM systems, streamlining workflows and data management.
  • The feature to export lists is highly valued by users, facilitating efficient data handling.


Cons :

  • Some users find to be costly.
  • The availability of direct dials (phone numbers) is restricted, which can be a drawback for certain use cases.
  • Users have reported a high bounce rate when using the platform.
  • While easy to use, there are concerns about the accuracy of data provided by


Pricing Structure :

  • Individual: $69/month
  • Teams: $199/ month/user billed annually
  • Unlimited Everything: Custom


SalesIntel Reviews :

The following is taken from G2 reviews and Capterra.
Users appreciate the extensive database of accounts and contact information. Some find the intent data and company news features particularly useful. The platform effectively helps fill pipelines and achieve inbound goals.

A user mentioned that the website and search process are easy but very slow and cumbersome to load and navigate. Some users found that data was limited for many accounts. It was difficult to find direct lines through the SalesIntel tool. The lack of company and contact detail for agriculture was also noted as a drawback.


Uplead is another company similar to Zoominfo. It is a B2B data provider & sales intelligence platform that gives you instant access to millions of verified business contacts and companies worldwide.


Pros :

  • As per the company’s claims, it offers a 95% and above accuracy rate
  • It has an 85+ million B2B email address database featuring contacts from over 200+ countries
  • You can use over 50+ search criteria filters to build targeted prospect lists
  • It provides data enrichment and email verification options
  • It offers advanced features like technographics, intent data, and bulk lookup
  • UpLead seamlessly integrates with multiple platforms


Cons :

  • The database has more data points for North America than any other region
  • The relevance of leads may sometimes be low
  • 95% users have been vocal about lack of accuracy compared to what is claimed by the company
  • There is a lack of mobile phone numbers for contacts


Pricing Structure :

  • Essentials: $74 per month (2040 annual credits)
  • Plus: $149 per month (4800 annual credits)
  • Professional: $299 per month (12,000 annual credits)


Uplead Reviews :

The following is taken from G2 reviews. Visit site
Uplead is a great solution for generating quick lists of leads for all our different marketing campaigns. With its wide variety of search filters, you can really drill down to get leads for the exact demographic or persona you are looking for. UpLead provides a comprehensive set of data on each prospect, including contact information, company details, and more, which can help users better understand their target audience. UpLead can be integrated with other sales and marketing tools, such as CRMs and email automation software, to streamline workflows and enhance the overall sales process.

While UpLead does its best to maintain accurate data, there may be errors or outdated information in their database. This can lead to wasted time and resources when trying to connect with a lead who is no longer with the company or has inaccurate contact information. UpLead’s database is not as comprehensive as some other lead generation tools. This means that some potential leads may not be included in their database, limiting your pool of potential prospects. It would be great if there were more flexible pricing options or more affordable plans for users with lower volume needs. I was very disappointed in how they handled our renewal. No notifications at all – just a charge to my credit card.

A quick look at how Ascentrik compares to the above solutions

Ascentrik Research

Ascentrik is a data research partner, and a leading competitor to Uplead. Their core strength lies in providing customized and accurate data, with a strong commitment to data privacy.

Businesses can leverage Ascentrik’s high-quality data to extract valuable insights. This, in turn, empowers targeted campaigns, leading to consistent revenue growth.

Ascentrik provides 100% accuracy. This is because, unlike other data vendors and software solutions, we don’t maintain databases. Instead, we collaborate with our clients to create databases that are custom-made.

Customized Databases: Ascentrik specializes in creating bespoke databases by sourcing data from around the world and tailoring it to your unique requirements.

Detailed Filtration: With a focus on exclusivity, they offer meticulous filtration and segmentation based on specialized criteria.

Insight and Intelligence: Ascentrik provides competitor assessments, market trend analyses, SWOT analyses, and sector insights.

Real-Time Verification: Their email lists are consistently current due to real-time data verification and enrichment.

Consent Assurance: They employ both automation and human verification to ensure consent, even providing double opt-ins.

Job Change Replacements: If a contact changes jobs during a campaign, Ascentrik offers replacements.

CRM Integration: Their data can be effortlessly integrated with any CRM platform through their API.


As evident, we excel in all performance indicators, from data coverage, data enrichment, competitor and market intelligence, to CRM integration. Most importantly, we surpass our competitors with 100% data accuracy, thereby providing you with the highest ROI for your marketing budget compared to any other data vendor.

Why is Ascentrik your best Uplead Alternative

Uplead is a sales intelligence solution packaging many features together. If you are looking for the perfect alternative to Uplead, you will need to evaluate data solutions on all the features Uplead offers.


The first parameter to evaluate when looking for a competitor to Uplead is data sourcing:

Because Uplead’s static database is not tailored to the specific needs of each customer, it falls short of a multi level process of verification. This can lead to gaps in coverage for specific niches within industries, causing a significant problem for businesses targeting narrow job categories within their target market. This lack of customization can result in weak data coverage for businesses targeting specific local as well as international markets.

On the other hand, Ascentrik Research provides a 360 degree approach to data. We offer client all types of data that they desire. If you are looking for a quick download of data from a very common category, we offer verification and instant downloads. If you are looking for job titles from niche categories, we can custom-research this data for you. When data is researched for your specific campaign, it is accurate and at its highest level of freshness. It may take a couple of days, but is 100% fresh and accurate.


The next important parameter to consider in Uplead alternatives is data enrichment:

Ascentrik stands out from Uplead with its superior Data Verification processes and regular hygiene and cleansing processes. We always maintain high-quality B2B data with the highest accuracy on the market. This is because we offer 100% replacement guarantee, for bounced emails. If a contact on the list changes his job, we give you a replacement. Thus we charge only for successful contacts.


The third and very important aspect is data accuracy:

Although Uplead claims to offer high accuracy, the accuracy rate many users have experienced is around 70%.
Any database that is focused on scale, falls short in terms of quality and accuracy, as it is impossible to update large databases in real-time. This is where a custom research process offers a very good solution.

We offer data for quick download, as well as custom built data options. We know that data that is stored, gets stale because it is not refreshed regularly. We make sure that we refresh every data record before its handed over to the client.

As per numerous customer reviews, accuracy rate becomes the biggest point to consider when looking for a reliable alternative to Uplead.


The next point to evaluate in websites like Uplead is niche categories:

Uplead’s data coverage is limited, particularly when it comes to international coverage and small-to-medium businesses. Their contact data is also insufficient, with gaps below the director level and outside of high tech industries. Uplead does not offer dynamic data verification processes to add data to the customer’s needs.

No one else covers niche industries like we do. Our global coverage, across markets and industries, allows us to dynamically source data for any industry, in any part of the world, to ensure that our clients’ target markets are fully covered.

Most online databases have only the most popular industries stored within them. But due to our made-to-order approach we have a team of researchers building custom databases from very specialised categories, with complete accuracy.


The last factor is pricing:

Ascentrik offers you very flexible pricing options. The price range we offer is anywhere between $800 to $1000 for 1000 email addresses. Our pricing differs based on the number of contacts and whether they belong to highly specialised and niche targets.

Most of these tools seem less expensive at first, but due to leads getting stale in databases, companies later incur higher costs in fixing stale leads. Therefore many marketers and salespeople are looking for competitors to Uplead that are profitable in the long run.


Who should be using Uplead?

Use Cases for Uplead

UpLead is a cloud-based software platform that helps businesses generate leads and track their progress. It is a complete source for high-quality, verified, contact and company information.

UpLead is a versatile B2B lead generation platform that caters to a wide range of users. Here are some use cases:

  • UpLead empowers sales teams to find high-quality prospects efficiently. Whether targeting specific industries, company sizes, or geographic locations, UpLead’s extensive contact database with 155+ million contacts (including business emails, direct dials, and mobile numbers) helps build targeted lists for prospecting.
  • For companies in the cybersecurity domain, UpLead plays a crucial role in protecting organizations from cyber threats. It has demonstrated impressive effectiveness in lead generation and business growth.
  • UpLead is beneficial for businesses operating in industries like oil, gas, or construction. It helps identify and connect with potential clients.
  • UpLead assists in locating opportunities within specific market segments. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible even to non-industry professionals, such as job seekers and freelancers.
  • UpLead streamlines outreach for companies managing significant projects. Whether connecting with thousands of contacts or seeking relevant leads, UpLead enhances prospecting and connection at scale.

When should you use Ascentrik Research’s custom solutions?

Use Cases for Ascentrik

Ascentrik Research, on the other hand, has a unique approach to list building. Our goal is to solve the most widespread problem of stale data. We do this through a dedicated team of data researchers, combined with automated processes, for building email lists at scale.

Once we know what kind of data you need, we source and enrich your data for you. Thus we can provide any data in its freshest state.

Lets see how this approach differs from Uplead, and in what situation Ascentrik Research will be a better option for your data needs:

  • While Uplead allows you to build your list yourself, using the basic and advanced filters provided in their web app, Ascentrik has a DEDICATED TEAM who supports you all through your email or advertising campaigns.
  • We give you DATA-ON-DEMAND. There are many industries and job roles which are highly sought after and common. Such data is more easily available, and can be given to the client after a quick round of enrichment, to keep it current. Ascentrik gives you such data-on-demand once you fill up a quick form. Get Email List
  • Then there is NICHE DATA which is very hard to find with data providers and popular sales intelligence platforms. Such highly targeted profiles is where Ascentrik surpasses its competitors. We can research and build lists for any industry and job title no matter how specific and uncommon it may be. Build Custom Email List
  • Our custom approach allows us to provide replacement contacts, in case a person changes his job during your campaign. This helps us ensure 0 BOUNCE RATE and no wastage on your email marketing spend.
  • We provide single and double opt-ins along with GDPR compliant lists.
  • Lastly, with Uplead the software builds your list from its database, using the basic and advanced filters provided in their web app. But with Ascentrik you have an entire team building your list as per your need. We even add contacts to your CRM platform, and conduct pre-sales communication activities.

Ascentrik scores on 3 major factors

Unlike most competitors to Uplead, Ascentrik is a data research partner, that provides customised and made-to-order data. Our data is freshly sourced for each new client project. Our data gives you 100% ROI on your marketing campaigns, by giving you accurate contact details.

When compared to the above solutions this is how Ascentrik fares on all the factors evaluated above.

Data Accuracy:

  • Ascentrik’s strongest point is data accuracy. This is because unlike data vendors and software solutions, we do not store databases. We partner with our clients to build made-to-order databases.
  • Although we create fresh databases each time, we are able to deliver anywhere from 500 to 60,000 data records a month.
  • We source data from across the world, on demand, and customise it to suit your requirements.
  • We provide replacements if a contact changes his job during a campaign, making sure that you get exactly what you paid for, and ensuring the highest ROI on your email campaigns.
  • We charge only for successful records delivered.
  • Since we are focused on exclusivity and customisation, we provide very detailed filtration and segmentation based on niche criteria that you specify.
  • We provide data verification and enrichment in real time, as our email list is built freshly for each client.
  • We use automation and human verification of data to ensure our lists are always updated and even provide double opt-ins to ensure consent.

Niche Targets:
Ascentrik is one of the only data partners that has the capability to source contact data for very niche targets. Niche industries are specialised sectors focusing on a specific product or service. These industries cater to a smaller target audience and have lower competition. Some examples of niche B2B industries include oil and gas, metals and mining, specialised healthcare, etc.

On the other hand, mainstream industries include popular sectors that may have a bigger market, multiple competitors, high growth potential, or cater to a mass market need. Mainstream industries are usually commoditised by many players. Software development, IT, marketing, etc can be classified as examples of mainstream B2B industries.

Since most database solutions need to maintain large databases, the sourcing and verification of data needs to be automated with software. It is not feasible to verify millions of contacts on a daily or even a weekly basis. Therefore only the most popular, mainstream categories are updated regularly, while the industries and markets that are niche or less in demand are not.

Here is where Ascentrik Research outperforms the others. We can source and verify data from niche categories and industries. This data is unique and is hard to find anywhere else. No matter what your industry, job title, job role, or any other data point, we can source data in line with privacy norms and user consent, using our specialised team of data researchers.


  • Ascentrik has very flexible pricing options. We charge based on the specific contact and company details you need. We charge separately for consent based single and double opt-ins.
  • Because our data is made-to-order and always updated for your campaign, along with replacements, you pay less in the long run, specially in refreshing bad data.

Other Benefits:

  • We provide various levels of insight and intelligence like competitor analysis, market and trend analysis, SWOT and sector analysis.
  • Our data seamlessly integrates with any CRM platform through our API.

As you can see we match up on all performance indicators from data coverage, data enrichment, competitor and market intelligence, to CRM integration, and most importantly, we outperform our competitors through 100% data accuracy. Thus we give you the highest ROI for your marketing budget than any other data vendor.

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