Why Ascentrik is the best alternative to

ZoomInfo, Lusha, and D&B Hoovers

Lets evaluate Ascentrik Research from the point of view of 3 of the most popular tools in the market

According to reviews, the 2 main complaints many users have had with these tools is the high cost and lack of complete accuracy, which is incorrect emails and phone numbers. Like many software tools, their data is not as accurate as they claim it to be.

So let’s run through the services and features that they provide, and see how Ascentrik Research provides all these services, plus solves the common problems faced by users of these solutions.

Zoominfo, Lusha and D&B Hoovers are b2b email list building and sales intelligence solutions that help companies carry out prospecting. They work as software tools that have a large database of millions of email addresses and direct dials, that you can download from.

The first concern is that of Accuracy

The main problem with such tools is stale data, and this is where Ascentrik comes in with a solution. The solution is in not having a pre-built database that is commonly accessible to all users. Stored data gets stale as contacts switch jobs. When you run your email campaign you end up with bounced emails. So Ascentrik sources data for each new client from the ground up.

Stored databases also require automated data verification, done periodically, or even in real time. Such automated validation of data is subject to errors, and needs human verification of data.

Ascentrik solves the issue of stale databases because we do not store but freshly source your list for each project

“ZoomInfo claims to have the most comprehensive email verification service in the B2B space but ZoomInfo’s match rate remains not up to the mark due to unprocessed raw data. They have no notifications for job changes. There have been cases where most of ZoomInfo’s data has been accounted to be outdated.”

“ZoomInfo approximately has 42 million+ contacts from North America and only 40% of them will have a mobile number to them. ZoomInfo has about 50 million+ contacts from APAC, EMEA, and LATAM but most of these contacts will not have phone numbers, let alone direct dials or mobile numbers. Contacts outside North America are not refreshed for years by ZoomInfo.”

The next point to be addressed is that of Pricing

ZoomInfo is priced the highest compared to other data platforms. ZoomInfo’s pricing starts at around $14k per year and requires a contract. Their pricing is not completely transparent and will auto-renew contracts.

Ascentrik on the other hand has very flexible pricing options. We charge based on the specific contact and company details you need. We charge separately for consent based single and double opt-ins.

Evaluating some more features…

Like Zoominfo and D&B Hoovers, Ascentrik’s data is also secured with authentication and encryption, and is fully GDPR compliant.

We also integrate with CRM/ERP solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Marketo to name a few.

Ascentrik also provides market intelligence and automated workflows that help you in marketing and business development. We give you intelligence on competitors’ keywords and social media engagement.

When it comes to customisation, scalability, integration, ease of deployment, and administration, Ascentrik does just as well.

Needing to be logged into the Zoominfo tool 24/7 turns out to be an issue for users so Zoominfo has come up with a Chrome extension to resolve this issue. Since Ascentrik is not a tool, you don’t need to be logged into it at all. Our team at Ascentrik handles the data sourcing and verification and then plugs it directly into your CRM, while always maintaining a transparent communication channel with your company’s management team.

Another important factor that users look for is technical support. Ascentrik’s team works on a full time basis as an extension to your own team. We have developed very efficient communication methods to provide full support to our clients’ teams right through their email campaigns. Therefore technical support is available whenever you need it.