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We provide an exclusive team of Researchers and Writers

For Publishers, Conference Organizers, Life Science Research Companies, Healthcare Data Regulators, etc.

We provide curated research on pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic analysis, biomarkers, assays, clinical studies and clinical trials, so you can build clinical trial programs and bring drugs to market faster while staying updated on topics like pharmacovigilance, medical RnD, drug discovery, and safety.


Primary and Secondary Research methods give us a high level of Accuracy

For Financial Data Managers and Analysts

Our team interacts with C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies. We research Industry Market Reports, SEC Filings, Form 990, Capital, and Private Market Data. We study Annual Reports, Industry Commerce Sites, Country Departmental Sources, etc.


Build Custom B2B Lead Lists for very Niche Targets

For Marketing and Sales Teams across Industries

Most data companies provide downloadable databases that are accessed by multiple users. These databases have a high rate of stale data, depending on each provider’s refresh cycles. Ascentrik gives you 100% accurate, Bespoke data as it is customized for each client as per their unique needs, from the ground up. We don’t store data.


Connect with the most relevant Speakers/Delegates/ Sponsors/Exhibitors

For Event Marketers, Event Organisers, Delegate Acquisition Managers etc.

We have experience of 20 years in the b2b events and conferences industry. We provide competitive insights by tracking your competitors’ events. We even go a step further and confirm attendance through email and calling, conduct follow-ups, and handle queries.

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A lot of our clients have worked with our competitors who have been around for a good 20 years but found more value in Ascentrik. We have enabled around 70% growth for our long term clients, thereby enabling our clients and our team to grow simultaneously, while maintaining very competitive pricing.

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