Meet Our Team

The Management

Marketing Director

Sumang Purohit

Co-Founder & Director – Marketing

Sumang brings knowledge of strategic planning, marketing research & analysis, new product development, database, & web analytics. Read More

Operations Director

Santosh Karnuk

Co-Founder & Director – Operations

Santosh is highly skilled at managing operations, research, and database management. Read More

Head of Research & Analytics

Nameeta Chaudhary

Head of Research & Analytics

Nameeta heads the Analytics and Research team at Ascentrik Read More

The Custodians

Operations Manager

Shekhar Kedar

Business Manager – Operations

Shekhar has 11 years of experience in managing projects and mainly works to implement the right processes and practices across the organization.  Read More

Life Science Division Manager

Riddhi Vaghera

Business Manager – Life Science Division

Riddhi brings around 11 years of experience in Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Production/Quality, and the Clinical Data research field. Read More

Human Resource Manager

Hetal Mirani

Business Manager – HR

Hetal is a dynamic HR professional with extensive experience in designing, managing, and facilitating HR processes. Read More