How We Compare With Our Competitors

An Extension of your Team, with a Focus on Higher ROI for your Business

We specialize in Global Data Acquisition, in multiple languages, whose work spans across sectors. What sets us apart is our end-to-end research services, our high-quality standards, our experience, and flexibility to accommodate changing client needs

How Ascentrik Differs from List Brokers

a. Custom/Bespoke Data

b. 100% Accuracy and ROI

How Ascentrik Differs from other Data Researchers

In less than a decade, we have made a greater impact than our competitors

A lot of our clients have worked with our competitors who have been around for a good 20 years but found more value in Ascentrik. We have enabled around 70% growth for our long term clients, thereby enabling our clients and our team to grow simultaneously, while maintaining very competitive pricing.

a. A team of experts rather than a software service

b. Primary and Secondary Research + Managing CRM

4 Reasons For The Most Competitive Pricing

Find Out How We Bring The Most Value For Money

See how our data can give you the highest ROI

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