B2B Data Process

Sourcing and verification of contact and company details

Step 01

Client’s Input Data

The client provides input data in the form of an Excel sheet, PDF, web link or LinkedIn link.

The details the client shares with us are Industry, Minimum number of contacts required, Location of contacts, Job Function of contacts, etc.

Step 02

Project Audit and Planning

After obtaining project details we conduct an audit to assess how many contacts can realistically be delivered to the client, based on our study of available data.

We allot a team of researchers and confirm the expected delivery dates and costs.

Our IT infrastructure system is robust, with a MIS (Management Information System) that allows us to work from home or office.

Communication is constantly maintained throughout the project cycle, using platforms like Slack and Trello.

Step 03

Research Activities

Our twofold process for sourcing/updating data

Web Research

• All required fields are sourced/updated through web research. We use different sources like company websites, news articles, Linkedin etc. to update details.
• Then a quality check is performed to ensure no details are missed out at this stage.

Voice Verification

• In the second stage this data is further verified through voice and missing details are added to the database, which could not be sourced through web research.
• Quality callbacks are run on the verified records for further data authentication.

Process Details:

Our team is very well-versed in primary and secondary research, as well as sourcing business and market intelligence. 

Primary Research

Involves daily Interaction through email and CAT calling with C-level executives, at Fortune 500 companies regarding their current performance, transactions in niche markets, and their future launches.

Secondary Research

Involves sourcing data from Annual Reports, Databases, Industry Commerce Sites, Country Departmental Sources, Market Reports, SEC Filings, and Form 990.

Market Intelligence

Involves data such as financial details, emerging market trends, key decision-makers in the industry, Competitor Intelligence, SWOT, and Sector and Trend Analysis.


Additionally, single and double opt-ins are captured based on the client’s needs so that a person’s name is not included unless he has opted in.

Step 04

API Integration

The updated database is provided to the client in Excel format. This data is plugged directly into the client’s API, as per the required format and structure.

Since we are an end-to-end research and data solutions provider and not just a data vendor, we have an extension/plugin that can connect directly with your system for easy data ingestion into your CRM.

Step 05

Data Accuracy and Pricing

After we run a couple of projects for you, we allot a dedicated team of researchers, to work only on your project, which further improves the turnaround time.

Data Accuracy Considerations

We guarantee 100% email data accuracy for verified records. In case of hard bounces during your email campaign, you can send this to us for further investigation, and we will provide a replacement or discount for such a record.


The cost range is based on volume required and successful records delivered. By successful record, we mean staff name verified with other company contact details.

The final cost is always given based on the project requirements. Factors considered are the type of companies researched, company size, job function, geography, etc. We confirm this after we are given the complete brief.

Step 06

Analytics, Report and Dashboard Management

We showcase the entire status of the project after completion. We turn the data obtained through research into meaningful charts and graphs,
budget mapping, project deliverables, etc. which are accessible via a single click on the dashboard.

We present the turnaround time, and the number of leads generated from the sourced contacts in a campaign (its percentage, regions, industries, and titles).

We deliver detailed reports to clients with very specific requirements like financial turnover, earnings per share, stock ratios, stock exchange
they trade on, market segment, contact type, GEO split count, budget split, etc.

Step 07

Data & Project Management on CRM

We can even go a step further and manage campagins on behalf of the client. After sourcing around 20,000 – 50,000 contacts per campaign, we integrate them into the right campaign on the CRM.

We take actions on the active enquires through emails/calls regarding the events running down this year. (fixing meetings, handling various requests)

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