B2B Data Enrichment for the most hygienic database

Fill gaps in your database, cleanse stale data, append information to create detailed client profiles, and target the right leads. Thus ensure optimal business performance, and successful marketing and sales campaigns. Ascentrik works as a data partner to ensure not a single lead is stale on your marketing or sales campaign.

List Data Validation and Data Enrichment

Get a high performing Database with Ascentrik’s Data Enrichment

The goal of data enrichment services is to give you a highly accurate database, with targeted leads. No tool or platform that runs on software automation will ever be able to give you 100% accuracy.

Most data enrichment companies cannot provide leads from niche industries and job roles. Besides this, updating them in real time is practically impossible for any software.

The Solution- Ascentrik’s Custom Data Enrichment Services

The solution lies in doing away with pre-built databases that rely solely on software automation. Today data enrichment providers that function as partners have found a way to circumvent the problem of outdated databases by using a combination of automated processes along with human research and validation. Here is what you get from data enrichment companies like Ascentrik Research:

Ascentrik’s data enrichment services help refine your database, making your data more valuable for marketing campaigns.

We help you with accurate leads by removing obsolete and inaccurate data, as well as other errors.

We give you direct dials and verified email addresses of decision-makers.

We research people on your list and check if their contact details are still valid through email and phone verification.

We work as partners all through your campaign, so you can outsource your entire data sourcing, refresh, and CRM management to us, to increase efficiency.

We obtain consent through single and double opt-ins.

Through our data enrichment services you can target your potential customers with personalised marketing campaigns.

This leads to higher engagement rates, better conversion rates, and ultimately, increased revenue for your business.

Email Enrichment for Data Hygiene and Lead List Building

Data Cleansing
Data Enrichment

B2B Data hygiene is the practice of keeping your CRM data clean and error-free. It maintains the consistency, accuracy, and completeness of your data records. Most people use the term data enrichment to mean maintaining hygiene of data in their CRM. But this involves various steps or processes like validation, cleaning, updating, and finally, email enrichment on a regular basis to ensure that it is accurate and up to date.

Email Validation and Email Verification Services

The process of ensuring that data is accurate and complete is known as data validation. This can be accomplished through manual or automatic checks or a combination of the two. You will limit the chance of errors, miscommunication, and wasted resources by verification of your data.

Data Cleansing Services

Regular cleaning of your CRM data will help you remove duplicate, unwanted, outdated, and inaccurate data. This will help you drive better quality and accuracy in your campaigns. In simple words, Data cleansing is the process of deleting, updating, and correcting erroneous or incorrect data from a database.

Poor data quality costs organisations 12% of their overall revenue and, in turn, costs the US economy itself approximately $3.1 trillion annually. These numbers are huge in themselves and hence data cleansing is an important topic to discuss. (Forbes)

Email Enrichment and Appending Services

Email enrichment refers to the process of enhancing and refining your current database by integrating raw data from available sources and the addition of new data sets, or data points. This method is also called Data appending. You can add missing data points, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or job titles, or append new data points, such as company and firmographic information.

Using b2b data enrichment methods, you can improve your lead quality, create a personalized messaging strategy, provide better customer engagement, and then eventually increase the chance to close more deals.
It has an infinite depth of insights to deliver more reliable decisions, unlike standard data. There are numerous types of b2b data enrichment, a few of them include:

  • Demographics: Age, Marital Status, Gender, Education
  • Psychographics: Needs, Wants, Desires, Behaviours
  • Geographics: Country, State, City, Time Zone
  • Professional Data: Company Size, Job Position

The goal of data enrichment services is to make sure that the data you have on your customers or prospects is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

Email List Segmentation and Lead Scoring

After verifying the data, it needs to be segmented based on specific criteria such as industry, location, size, and other relevant parameters. This segmentation helps to create targeted marketing campaigns and personalised messaging for different segments.

As listed above, b2b data enrichment is not just a single process but involves various stages of cleansing, validation and appending. All these go together to maintain the hygiene of your CRM database, and are very effective in running email marketing campaigns, and in the process of lead generation.

Maintaining data hygiene is not an easy task, as it requires regular governance over your data which might be tedious. According to studies, poor CRM prospect data costs sales departments roughly 550 hours of selling time per year which acts as a silent killer for them. (Forbes)

Benefits of Custom Data Enrichment Solutions and Email Enrichment

Increase Website Conversions and Customer Acquisition

With a custom research company like Ascentrik Research, you have a data research team working with you as your partner all through your marketing or sales campaign. This allows the research partner to give you a replacement contact immediately, and also charge only for successful contacts. Your data is refreshed in real-time for complete accuracy. There is no auto updation of your subscription plan, no credit system, and you are not stuck with 20% to 30% of stale data.

The second part of the solution lies in building your database or validating your existing email list, from the ground up, through customised research methods. Data is never stored in databases that are accessible to hundreds of users. Each database is built or validated and enriched for every individual client. Email addresses and phone numbers are manually validated through phone research as well as email verification tools. Consent is obtained through single and double opt-ins. Data privacy is given highest priority, and so is GDPR and other data privacy compliances.

Many data enrichment providers offer undeniable benefits by providing deeper insights and enhancing prospect or lead databases. However, businesses must be aware of the potential challenges and pain points associated with these solutions. These b2b email list validation softwares have a limited and fixed database. They do not contain niche industry and job title data. Many refresh their data quarterly or monthly. This makes them low on accuracy.

Companies should carefully evaluate their data enrichment needs, and then choose between a b2b data enrichment tool or a custom data research partner. By navigating these challenges effectively, businesses can leverage the power of validated and enriched email lists to thrive in the competitive b2b landscape.

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